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2010-12-09 01:21:55 by AideNation

Bugger, I got on the computer today and all of my medals were GONE! There is probably a post some where about it but until someone gives me a link to it in the description (wink, wink) or something like that I wont know why. does anyone know why all the medals are gone?


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2010-12-09 02:13:26

Yeah, wtf. All mine are gone too. The only reason I registered with this shit site was to kill time and keep a fucking record of it. Shit site is shit and no substitute for real entertainment.


2010-12-09 07:44:26

Yeah. Mine gone too but I earned a medal and there all are back!


2010-12-10 21:32:07

Well they are all back now... Weird...


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