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2010-11-01 19:45:09 by AideNation

I noticed something this morning and it was the undeniable fact that nobody but haters have found my page. On my blammed peice of work not one single person would stand up and give me some constructive criticism. I mean SERIOUSLY. how hard is it to tell someone their faults and then tell them how to fix those faults! HONESTLY. I might upload it again later... or not... I don't know. all I know it that you haters, well you have crushed most of my childhood dreams of becoming an animator. thanks haters...

Aiden out


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2010-11-02 14:11:33

You are idiot and I am your hater!

AideNation responds:

You are a great guy... Sarcasm, gotta love it


2010-11-04 09:55:44

Aw. Keep trying. Better luck next time.