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Double Blammed

2010-11-01 18:53:56 by AideNation

Newgrounds has blammed my updated version of it also. maybe it just needs something else. leave your thoughts below and I will try and add them to it.


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2010-11-01 19:52:29

1- It's too empty
You must put a full body of the boy and animate it.
You must draw a background (the room, desk. flower...
can be the headmaster's room, a car, a cinema...)
Not forced to be well done, it's just to fill.

2- It's too short.
It need an introduction of the boy. (entering by a door for example)
He MUST speak a bit more (fills it with something. For example:
when he knocks on a door, it's seems that the screams of the
monster are part of a horror movie...) before saying huuuuuu...
A good way to start your animation is to show the building where the boy is.
It need an ending : What will the boy will do with the creature?
It must be an crazy action.

It's better than a battle of sprites \ stick as the other first entry. It have potential.
Good luck, efforts are rewarded.

AideNation responds:

Thanks man! you are a great guy!