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Entry #1


2010-11-01 08:41:26 by AideNation

I am so angry at the moment because my very first flash submission which I am very proud of JUST GOT BLAMMED. THATS RIGHT IT DIDN'T EVEN PASS JUDGEMENT... Anyway I am going to go over it with colour and see if they blam it then.

Aiden Out


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2010-11-01 10:39:17

Your animation is blammed because it's crap, and you made remake of it! You are retard!

(Updated ) AideNation responds:

Well personally I work very hard on my work and if you do not like it, wel that is fine with me Mr. You are Retard. I think I have done a very good job on this considering it is my very first flash animation. but knowing you, you are one of those people who pick on others because you think their animations are better than yours but you like to act tough so that you can stay 'the best animator of all time' when you are really just some child who only knows how to look one mouth movement. comeone man you have to backup your threats.