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The Bears!

2011-01-18 01:56:26 by AideNation


Pop Collab

2010-12-18 09:48:28 by AideNation

Yeah Bruuuzzz! Ima go work on my segment for this totally RAD collab right here, ey! cos the guy in charge is an EPIC Canadian! DO THE COLLAB!!!!! 06314


2010-12-12 02:46:06 by AideNation

I was on the internets for a couple of hours and didn't speak to anyone. and I finally got an urge to FLASH ANIMATE!! I got out my Audacity and soon found out that I have lost half of my voice... This really sucks this is such an inconvenience! GOD! anyway I will make a flash Animation next time I get an urge to animate...


2010-12-09 01:21:55 by AideNation

Bugger, I got on the computer today and all of my medals were GONE! There is probably a post some where about it but until someone gives me a link to it in the description (wink, wink) or something like that I wont know why. does anyone know why all the medals are gone?

You all missed out

2010-11-27 04:21:45 by AideNation

I am attempting to put together a production team for my new animated series. I will not tell anyone what it will be about. But I will tell you that if I put together a good enough team we will put together a new episode every month. that is about 11 every year (yes I know there are twelve months but we probably wont get an episode out on time which would screw everything up therefore expect about 11). This new series will begin JANUARY NEXT YEAR! if things go according to plan...

What now?

2010-11-25 23:27:41 by AideNation

I don't have any ideas for any cartoons or stuff like that so I am asking you! the users of Newgrounds to give me some ideas in the commenty bit below where you post comments. I will pick the best and make an animation out of it! Send in your GREATEST idea EVER in the COMMENTS thingo. and after a week or so I will announce the one I have chosen! BE QUICK or MISS OUT!


2010-11-01 19:45:09 by AideNation

I noticed something this morning and it was the undeniable fact that nobody but haters have found my page. On my blammed peice of work not one single person would stand up and give me some constructive criticism. I mean SERIOUSLY. how hard is it to tell someone their faults and then tell them how to fix those faults! HONESTLY. I might upload it again later... or not... I don't know. all I know it that you haters, well you have crushed most of my childhood dreams of becoming an animator. thanks haters...

Aiden out

Double Blammed

2010-11-01 18:53:56 by AideNation

Newgrounds has blammed my updated version of it also. maybe it just needs something else. leave your thoughts below and I will try and add them to it.


2010-11-01 08:41:26 by AideNation

I am so angry at the moment because my very first flash submission which I am very proud of JUST GOT BLAMMED. THATS RIGHT IT DIDN'T EVEN PASS JUDGEMENT... Anyway I am going to go over it with colour and see if they blam it then.

Aiden Out